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That attempt at updating daily didn't fare quite as well as I'd hoped, but it's hardly a big surprise. I wish I could manage a daily update, if only to amuse myself for a few minutes each day, rant about stupid things, wallow in self-pity and generally indulge in behavior mostly frowned upon at FaceBook.

BOOKS: Reading FLATSCREEN by Adam Wilson, which really seemed like a terrific update of Catcher in the Rye at first, only with the ennui and accidie turned up to 11, then just seemed to stall in Sam Lipsyte territory. Maybe I was in more appropriate mood when I started.

Also reading BARONS COURT, ALL CHANGE by Terry Taylor, a 50s novel of troubled youth, bebop and the birth of Mod culture, back before it became something codified and less interesting. And Donna Tart's THE GOLDFINCH, which I wasn't intending on reading, let alone buying, but showed up on my Kindle at $1.79 a week or so after publication. And Barrington Bayley's short story collection, SEED OF EVIL. Which is way too much fiction to be reading at once. And I have to urge to have another go at John Barth's GILES GOAT BOY, which is a bit of a weird nostalgic trip as it was a book I borrowed from the school library around the time of my A levels, put down around the 500 page mark and never got back into again.

LIST OF CONSUMABLES TO BE CONTINUED. Or not. We will see.... (For various values of "we.")


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