Sir Florian Ognob QC (ortho_bob) wrote,
Sir Florian Ognob QC

Official Selfie

Applying for a new passport. Not only did my old one expire five years ago, but the forms I downloaded "recently" to get the new one are also out of date. Lucky that I checked as they've also changed the mailing address for us foreign johnnies -- no longer can we sent it to the resplendent British Embassy in Washington DC, but instead we have to courier it across the Atlantic to some shed back in Durham. Got new photos taken and when I plucked up the courage to look at them saw what the Texas sun, married life, BBQ, kids, a dodgy eye and 15 further years of life have done to me -- the chubby-faced ne'er-do-well has been replaced with... well, what was it Orwell said? "At 50 everyone has the face he deserves." (Although he was 46 when he wrote that, and he died before he could find out if that was true in his case.) At 40 I had the passport photo of an truculent 20-something, stout and unlined, the look of a peeved assistant bar manager cleaning up on a Saturday morning. Now, according to my passport photograph, I look like me, lined, bemused, not giving anything away. I have character, gravitas, a face somewhere between worn in and worn out. I look like the sort of person who would know where the extra large bolts are at Home Depot, who would tut at the antics of undernourished pop grisettes. I don't think I'll be using the picture for any other purpose -- not for LinkedIn or Facebook or here.

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