Sir Florian Ognob QC (ortho_bob) wrote,
Sir Florian Ognob QC

WalMart Jobs - Hiring Now!

Still intrigued by the missing people from the friends I had on LiveJournal back in 2009, which seems to have been peak-LJ, for me at least. A little research shows that half of them are on Facebook (although some under identities unknown to me), but others have gone, gone into the dark -- such as burkesworks, jermynsavile, gutterboylive, herculesmusic, davidfrazer, justdandy, irkthepurist (oh, he's here) and others, plus those who have deleted their accounts, like.... umm....

Looking back through my old LJ postings brings back mixed feelings, dredging up half-memories that dashed off writing, dead links and missing videos don't resolve, ... I'm not sure if it was me or the Internet that was being particularly incoherent for much of 2007 -- Here for instance. (The links are all dead, but the piece about iku iku byo has been saved for posterity here.) 

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